Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Architecture of World Subways

Via DesignBoom:

London’s underground became the first subway system in the world when it began operation in 1863. Since then, underground subways have been built in almost every major city of the world. From New York and Paris to Hong Kong and Dubai, subways are an essential part of public transportation in cities. Within these systems, architecture plays a big role in defining the environment of the subway. here is a collection of some of the most architecturally interesting subway stations.

t-centralen station (photo via flickr)

Stockholm Tunnelbana
The subway system in stockholm, sweden features art installations in almost every station. The city’s 100 stations feature art by almost 140 artists and it is often called the world’s longest art gallery. The system may focus on artwork, but it also features a number of stations with unusual architecture. The t-centralen station is one of the most distinctive designed by Per Olof Ultvedt in 1975. The station features a massive mural painted on the cavern-like ceiling that exposes the rocky core of the city. many of the system’s stations also feature this unique cavern ceiling that gives them an organic feeling and unique atmosphere.

solna centrum station (photo via flickr)


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